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The New Paradigm of Estate Planning

Live More today and Give more Tomorrow

Traditional estate planning focuses on what happens to assets at your death. The new approach to estate planning also provides the opportunity to focus on assets while you are alive. A Business-Owner Centered Estate Plan can maximize how you enjoy life today and in retirement, and also maximize the assets you pass on to your family and society.

Estate Planning: Then And Now

Largely as a result of tax law changes, estate planning has changed significantly in recent years. In the past, most estate planning discussions centered on:

  • Estate planning as death planning only
  • The status of estate taxes and their impact
  • The newest estate planning strategies

These discussions are important but miss the central objective: How to maximize your estate today, at retirement and at death.

Now, the process begins by focusing on you and your spouse today and in your retirement. Along the way it helps you plan for what happens upon your death and answers some important questions.

  • In retirement, will I have enough income to live my desired lifestyle for my and my spouse’s lifetime?
  • How much should I give my kids—When and How?
  • How much should I give my community—When and How?
  • What about transfer taxes—How will I be affected?
  • Is my current estate plan consistent with my objectives?

Your life your legacy

Estate planning is about more than passing material wealth, it’s also about:

  • Passing on your values, hopes and dreams to your descendants
  • The memories you create with your family and friends
  • The impact your actions and material wealth have on your community through charitable giving and volunteering

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