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Living the Life You Want throughout the Financial Life Stages


During this stage, assets are being accumulated to meet various financial objectives.  This dynamic process evolves over time as objectives are achieved and new ones are established.  As one nears retirement, the bulk of accumulated assets will most likely be dedicated to providing retirement cash flow.


During this stage, retirement assets which are in a lump sum, need to be turned into a cash flow stream sufficient to fund your desired lifestyle for life.  This withdrawal rate is the source of the biggest concern to everyone in retirement.  No matter the level of financial resources, there is always the fear of “Running Out of Money.”


This stage, while most often associated with one’s mortality, is really a way of living life.  Simply stated, you accumulate assets during the accumulation stage, liquidate a portion during the distribution stage, and what is left over goes to your heirs, charity, or the government.  This can occur by default, or with proper planning, you can give what you have to who you want, how you want, when you want.

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