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The Multi-Generational Plan

Maximize the value of your Legacy Assets over Multi-Generations.

The Multi-Generational Plan starts with you having the confidence there will be sufficient “Retirement Assets”, insulated from the major risks, to fund lifestyle objectives for the life of you and your spouse.

For those “Legacy Assets” not earmarked for consumption, it’s about you maintaining control and maximizing their value for yourself, if needed, and your heirs.

Goals Based Asset Allocation

Utilizing a goals based approach to asset allocation matches the most appropriate funding asset to the financial goal and measures its effectiveness by how well it addresses the major risks over the asset’s time horizon. In the case of Legacy Assets the time horizon is over Multi-Generations.

Accumulation Designed Life Insurance (ADLI)

ADLI is an Alternative Asset Strategy with a unique combination of advantages that are not available with any other financial instrument, or cash accumulation strategy. The funding asset of choice, it is extremely effective in addressing the major risks: Market Risk, Excessive Fees. Income Taxes, Creditor Risk and Longevity Risk.

The Multi-Generational Plan—How it Works

Generation 1 (Parents/Grandparents), acquire an ADLI policy insuring the lives of Generation 2 (Adult Children and/or their Spouses). The policy can provide benefits to Generation 2 and will ultimately benefit Generation 3 (Grandchildren).

Generation 1 maintains control and access to policy cash value during their lifetime and can “custom tailor” the ultimate disposition of both cash value and death benefit for the benefit of Generation 2 and Generation 3.

Make Life Better for You and Your Heirs

  • Capture stock market returns without the risk of market losses over generations
  • Eliminate income taxes on cash value growth and income distributions over generations
  • Minimal fees after the first 10 years over generations
  • Cash value protected from the claims of creditors in most states over generations

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