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Accumulation Designed Life Insurance (ADLI)


ADLI focuses on the living benefits of life insurance including maximizing cash values and accessing policy death benefits while alive. While unfamiliar to most individuals, it is not new. Major Corporation and Banks have utilized ADLI as a funding asset to offset corporate benefit liabilities for decades.

Modern product evolution now allows qualified individuals and small businesses to acquire ADLI and benefit from the combination of advantages long enjoyed by major corporations and financial institutions. Each policy is custom engineered based on individual specifications to meet a specific financial goal.

For those who are qualified, ADLI can be an attractive “alternative asset strategy” that when matched to an identified financial goal (asset/Liability matching) is uniquely suited to address the Major Risks.

Major Risk #1 Income Taxes

ADLI has a “unique combination of tax benefits” not available with any other financial instrument or cash accumulation strategy. Truly tax free, it is a lifelong asset that can eliminate income taxes on all cash value growth.

Major Risk #2 Stock Market Volatility (Losses)

Equity Indexing, a method to determine cash value growth, allows the policyholder to earn interest in part based on U.S. and International indexes, excluding dividends, while providing a guaranteed floor to prevent market-based losses (Hedging Strategy).

Major Risk #3 Excessive Fees

Rather than a percent of assets, which increases total fees as the asset grows; policy expenses are fixed with the majority occurring in the first 10 years. In the later years fees are extremely low or nonexistent.

Additional Risks to Consider

Additional Risk #1 Creditor Risk

We live in a litigious society. Without special planning personal assets are subject to the claims of creditors. Policy cash is not subject to the claims of creditors in most states.

Additional Risk #2 Longevity Risk

Longevity Risk is the risk of dying too soon or living to long. ADLI provides death benefit protection in the early years to guard against dying too soon, and a stream of Tax Free cash flow in later years to protect against “Running Out of Money” in retirement.

Additional Risk #3 Health Risk

Unforeseen health care costs, including the need for Long Term Care, could put a strain on your retirement budget. Under certain circumstances, policy death benefits can be accessed during lifetime to pay for the cost of health care.

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